Havana Capitol
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Havana Capitol


Near my house, just a few blocks away, stands Havana’s National Capitol Building, a splendid construction very similar to that of the Capitol in the United States. It is surrounded by the typical picturesque streets filled with American classic cars which remind us of the 1950’s. In my particular case, I find this structure awesome and I am so obsessed with it that every time I pass by it and have the chance I take a photograph of it. It is really curious how the entrance to this majestic building is a point of reference and a meeting place at every time.

This place is visited by many tourists who are impressed by its imposing 92-meter-high cupola, the second highest point in the city of Havana, coming after the José Martí Memorial which ranks first. I strongly recommend that you pass by El Capitolio, where right at the entrance you will have the opportunity to have a photograph taken with a dark camara by some gentlemen waiting for you somewhere at the foot of the stairs; a very original souvenir you will be able to take with you as a memory of your visit to Havana City.

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