Havana Malecon

Havana Malecon

Near my house you can find one of the greatest symbols of the city: the Malecón. I can’t even imagine the time in which the Malecón didn’t exist. The Malecón is one of the favorite places of a ot of people here in Cuba. Due to its proximity I visited it very often, I sit in its wall and I enjoy it like if it was my first time there.

The construction of this breakwater began in 1901, which it runs through the north shore of the Cuban capital. Many hotels are established in its shore, including the well-known Nacional Hotel, from which you are able to see the whole north shore and where you can find the canons that defend the city during the Spanish colony, and also the Riviera hotel and the Meliá Habana Hotel, symbols of the modernity of the Cuban capital.

Thousands of people come to this place for different reasons: resting, taking the sun, while others let their time spent between the traffic of the avenue and the wandering sellers. Generations have made from it the perfect place for love dates, besides of using it for fight stress.

Among its many kilometers, you’ll be able to find your favorite spot and make it your own, as a living proof of your visit to Havana City.

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