Museum of the Revolution

Museum of the Revolution

When you walk through streets and avenues in Havana, traces of history come to you from every corner of the old city. But if you are still curious, the Museum of the Revolution is an obligatory stop in your discovery journey.

Inside the museum, the visitor can get a deep insight of the history of the island, from the pre-Columbian culture, to the actual socialist regime. Highlights include exhibitions on the Moncada assault of 1953, and about the life of Che Guevara, shown in the lower rooms. At the entrance to the museum there is a fragment of the old city wall and a SAU-100 tank that was used by Fidel Castro during the invasion of the Bay of Pigs in 1961.

Behind the building is the Granma Memorial, a tribute to the yacht of 13 meters in length which was used to transport Fidel Castro, Guevara with other 80 men, from Tuxpan (Mexico) to Cuba in 1956. The ship is displayed inside a glass cabinet. This pavilion is surrounded by planes and other vehicles related to the Revolution, and are accessible from the Museum of the Revolution itself.

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